Full Swing Ahead For The New Year

Golf season is here and the weather is perfect for practicing and playing golf. With the New Year ahead it is time to tune up the golf game and start the New Year with a better game than you had last year. In order to do that one must commit to practicing both the short game and the full swing along with playing the game.

When you go to practice your game in the New Year, you might take a new approach to how you go about practicing. Most players go to the range and spend a lot of their time working on the woods, and then a little time on the irons, and if there is time left they might go to the practice green and spend very little time on the short game. Statistics show that around 60% – 70% of the game is played within 100 yards of the green, yet that is the least practiced part of the game.

I have found that a great way to start new players or beginning golfers is to learn from the hole out (this also is good for long time players). This simply means that you should first work on putting from around the hole then gradually move away from the hole to longer putts. The fastest way to improve your game is to work on putting. If you think about how many three putts you have in a round, or how many short putts you missed throughout the round and you can reduce or eliminate some or most of those strokes, how much lower your score will be.

After putting one should move on to the short game which consists of chipping, pitching and bunkers (for most this is all shots within 80 yards of the green). The best way to go about this is to get 10 to 20 balls and find a spot around a practice green and hit multiple balls to one hole, working not only on technique but also on distance control. After doing this, I like to get three balls and pick a shot that I need the most work on (i.e.: a chip, pitch or bunker shot) and try to get up and down from that spot at least two out of the three balls.

After the short game I like to move on to the irons and spend most of my time with a mid iron (5-7 irons) working on my swing. A mid iron is the best club to use when working on the swing because it does not hide flaws like a short iron but is easier timing wise than trying to make changes with a wood. Last but not least, I practice my woods last even though they are the most fun to hit; I spend the least amount of time with my woods than any other of the clubs in the bag, because it is the hardest club to change your swing with and can cause you the most frustration when you practice.

Once again the New Year is upon us and I wish all you golfers out there the best of luck with your golf game in the 2013 season. Don’t forget to practice this coming year and don’t forget to do it from the hole out.

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