Freeze Frame

What is the MOST important piece of equipment to take with you to the golf course? Well your CAMERA of course.

Unlike tennis courts, football and baseball fields each and every golf course is unique and what you might see while out playing a round of golf can be spectacular. Inevitably you will see the best sights on the day you forget to take your camera. Luckily local Tucson golfer Don Phelps remembered his camera when he captured a beautiful picture of a bobcat while playing the 14th hole at Fred Enke Golf Course. As the head pro at Fred Enke for 8 years, I was fortunate enough to capture several of my own good pictures. (View bobcat photo, plus a full array of photos taken by Pam Drake on Arizona Courses)

For those visiting the area, some of the more common sights you might see on any Tucson course are Gamble Quail, Roadrunners, Mule Deer and Javelinas (pronounced Hav’e-lin-a). Javelinas are wild pigs and are not friendly especially if they have some babies in the group. Some more 4 legged friends include coyotes, even here at Randolph right in the heart of the city.

Just like the best Superbowl ads, using animals as a way to communicate your message can often be the most effective. I’ve created a poster to remind golfers to leave the course in better condition than they found it. This photo (at right) was taken at Omni Tucson National while a coyote was gnawing on a rake handle and although some folks think I “Photoshopped” it in, I promise you, it is authentic.

Besides the four legged friends, the Arizona skies are filled with interesting bird species. These include a Great Blue Heron I saw catching his dinner, Osprey, Snowy Egrets , Cooper’s Hawks, Red Tail Hawks, Red Flycatchers, and Cactus Wrens who actually do make their nests inside our Saguaro Cacti.

So next time you hit the links, look around! Remember to take your camera and you will be amazed at not only the wonderful scenery and landscapes but also the fantastic wildlife that all of our courses here in Southern Arizona have to offer.

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