Dont Waste A Single Minute Of Golf

Have Fun With GolfAs a golf instructor I have typically focused my teaching on moving forward in the game. For example, how to swing more efficiently, learning better touch around the greens, getting out of bunkers, putting, hitting the difficult shots from bad places and tough lies. Many of my students now are entering the later stages of their lives and quite frankly are not going to try and make it on the Senior Tour or the LPGA Legends Tour, those days and dreams are past them.

They are still playing however like they believe one day everything will finally come together and they will have that “perfect round”. I say more power to them! It keeps them on the course and playing the game they have come to love.

Being the golf professional and instructor at The Views GC for 5 years now, my students have provided me with some insight that I now wish to pass on to golfers of all ages, gender and ability.

Although there are many of my former students that cannot play golf any more as their physical condition simply won’t allow it, they still come to the course to see their golf buddies and to share a laugh or two. For many golf was their favorite game and they spent countless hours practicing and playing.

In talking with these former students the common denominator seems to be “I wish I would have focused on having more “fun” playing golf and not so much on my score or what someone thought of me as a golfer. I wish I could have been a better person to play with, had been more friendly on the course and gotten to know better those that I shared so much quality time with. And most importantly I wish I had taken time to look around me! There I was on some of the most beautiful places on earth and I never really saw them. I should have taken in with more reflection the landscape, the trees, the ocean, the desert with its amazing wild life, and the bright blue sky. Instead I was more concerned with the mechanics of my swing, the line of the putt or the triple bogey on the last hole.

The message I received from these fine people is that their time on the golf course has passed and it is too late for them to go back and start over, but it is not too late to say to those of you who are still playing: It is important to enjoy the game of golf and play it with enthusiasm and joy. Use golf to enrich your life and maybe volunteer to help mentor junior golfers and inspire them to love the great game of golf!

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