Dobson Ranch on Tournament Pace of Play

The municipally owned Dobson Ranch golf course in Mesa has introduced an interesting solution to address “tournament pace of play” as it relates to events with their Dobson Ranch Golf Association (DRGA). They established a benchmark of 4:12 and the club installed a time clock whereby groups punch in and punch out upon starting and completion of their round. Any group playing outside the 4:12 mark must finish within 14 minutes of the group in front of them. Failure to do so, results in a two shot penalty.

Dobson Ranch Head Golf Professional Brian Herring said, “Before the time clock was implemented, DRGA rounds averaged around 5:25. Now our events average 4:09. For new members playing in their first few events, there is an adjustment period to playing at that pace. But the overall compliment and positive feedback are 50 to 1 (positive to negative).”

Their participation in their events is growing, “With the knowledge that the DRGA plays with a time clock, we have other golfers who like to play just after the DRGA, because they know they will play under 4:30. The program has been a tremendous success,” Herring added.

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