Do You Understand Your Golf Swing

We have all watched Golf Channel, read Golf Digest, or played golf with a friend who has given us advice on how to cure our golf swing. The problem is they all offer different solutions which never seem to fix your 50 yard slice or the low hook you seem to hit with your driver. All of the advice you receive may be good advice, but it may be too advanced for the level golfer you are.

Most people think golf is a difficult game, and it can be if you don’t understand what you are doing right or wrong when you make a swing. Despite all the technology changes to golf equipment over the years, the average score for 18 holes nationally is around 100, while less than 10% of golfers break 80 regularly. I believe every golfer has the ability to play better golf, but it starts with learning more about your golf swing and then applying what you need to make those improvements.

Any golfer who shoots over 100 will agree that a lack of consistency is a major issue. To be more consistent you need to make a consistent swing. As easy as that sounds you would be amazed at how many lessons I give where my student makes different movements on each swing. How can you make an immediate improvement to your golf swing? One thing you can do is keep track of your stats during a round. How many topped shots, fat shots, misses left, or misses right did you have during today’s round? Now ask yourself if you hit a fat shot on the swing that followed a top shot. Did you hit a pull or hooked shot after you just sliced a ball out of bounds right? If you can answer these questions you are on your way to figuring out what problem you have in your swing and what manipulations you make to compensate for a bad swing flaw.

Check out my next article to learn more about what can cause our swing problems and how to fix them. If you have any questions about a swing flaw you currently have and you want help now, send me an email at dhess@thepinesgolfclub.

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