Do You Have A Pre Shot Routine

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In the game of golf consistency is the key to scoring well. This consistency should start from the moment you pull a club out of the bag. Every movement and thought needs to be the same every time you hit the ball. If you create the same routine every time it will give you a good chance to repeat your swing offering the same results more consistently. The more confident you become the easier it will be to execute each shot and score well. If you play a tournament and have a tendency to miss a shot with a low hook from time to time, it is important to make sure your routine consistently is made with the swing improvements you are trying to make to improve your swing path.

Every professional athlete has some routine they practice to make them feel more comfortable. Watch a basketball player at the free throw line, a batter in the batter’s box, a pitcher on the mound or a place kicker lining up for a field goal. It is important to feel like you belong in the situation you are in and be confident that you can succeed every time out. These athletes create routines to assure them that they will do the same thing every time.

The pre shot routine should be thorough yet take little time. Your personalized routine should be filled with positive thoughts including execution of swing thoughts that result in a favorable outcome. It is very easy to allow negative thoughts to creep into your mind. To insure this doesn’t occur, encompass the physical side of the alignment, set up and target. The mental side of visualizing a shot will allow you to execute your swing more consistently.

Sounds like an easy answer doesn’t it? When developing this routine it should be practiced on the driving range in a practice session. Practicing a pre shot routine is as important as practicing your swing. Practice makes permanent – good practice helps to perfect.

How many times have you or one of your friends said “I am a great range player”? Well the key to bringing it out on the course is the pre shoot routine. A practice session should involve this routine so you are able to perfect this portion of the game and take it onto the course.

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