Dan Wickman PGA Video Lesson on Right Angle for Pitching

Dan Wickman, PGA at Tucson City Golf teaching you how to pitch with the right angle to make the shot.

Dan Wickman, PGA
Tucson City Golf

One Minute Video Lessons

  1. theAngrygolfer, 23 January, 2014

    Can this be used on all my clubs in the bag?

  2. Go Golf Arizona, 30 January, 2014

    theAngrygolfer– Great question and thanks for asking! To find out what is best for you and what clubs this ‘quick tip’ can be applied to, we recommend you contact our Pro Contributor, Dan Wickman directly. You can reach him in Tucson @ 520-940-3825 or dwgolf@pga.com Keep us posted on what you find out and what works for you!

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