Could Your Grip Be Robbing You Of Distance And Accuracy

could-your-grip1_280_179Placement of your hands on the grip will not be the focus of this article. I would like to focus on a part of the grip that most players don’t really think about, but has a big impact on how consistently you strike your golf ball. Grip pressure. Correct and consistent grip pressure will help you produce more consistent golf shots.

How does grip pressure affect your ability to hit shots that are longer and more accurate? Grip pressure that is too light can lead to a loose out of control golf club and possibly cause you to re-grip the club during the swing. This will lead to inconsistent strikes and ball flight. Grip pressure that is too tight will cause tension in the muscles and joints. This will lead to slower club head speed and inconsistency in squaring the club face at impact.

Correct and consistent grip pressure will keep the golf club under control while at the same time leaving the muscles and joints tension free. This will help you square the clubs face more consistently. Square, solid contact will yield the longest and most accurate golf shots.

So what is the correct grip pressure? How do I accomplish it? Here is a drill you can do anywhere to help. You can use any club in your bag. Position your hands on the grip normally. Now hold the club vertically with the club head directly above your hands. Loosen your grip pressure until you feel as though the club is about to slide through your hands. This pressure is too light. Now slowly and I mean slowly lower the club head until the shaft of the club is horizontal to the ground. You will feel your grip pressure tighten up. This pressure is more than we want. Now raise the club head until the shaft is at a 45 degree angle. You will feel your grip pressure lighten up a bit. This is the correct pressure to keep the club under control but muscles and joints tension free. Another way to check your grip pressure is to shake hands with someone. You want to shake their hand so that you feel like you have a good hold on their hand and at the same time if they start moving their hand up and down your wrist freely reacts to their movement.

How do I check to see if my grip pressure remains constant throughout the swing? Check your pressure at address and take note of it. Then check your pressure at the end of your follow through. Is it the same? If so great. If not then work on making the end swing pressure, feel the same as the pre-swing pressure.

So take the tension out of your hands and you will hit more fairways and greens.

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