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Putter Fitting May Improve Your Game

It is often said that putting is a game within a game, and there is some truth to that. While most of us may never hit 300 yards drives, anyone can be a good or even great putter. All it takes is a combination of good technique and having a putter that fits your stroke. […]

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Why The 3 Foot Putt Is So Important

How often do you set your practice sessions from the mental aspect of working from the hole back to the tee box? Do you set the standard of having to make 100% of your 3 foot putts? Talk about lowering our scores on a consistent basis if all our 3 foot putts were made in […]

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Good Speed Means Good Putting

A putt’s success is determined by two things, having the correct line and having the correct speed. While, these two elements are dependent upon each other, a putt played with more speed will break less and vice versa, the most important is speed because you’re more apt to three putt due to running a putt […]

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