AWGA Salutes Winter Residents

by MaryAnn Souter

Arizona Woman's Golf AssociationLadies! Welcome back from places cold and snowy to sunny Arizona! We’re always eager to see part-time residents and vacationers return to join us on the golf course. Reconnecting with friends, honing skills on the driving range and navigating the golf course benefit both our permanent and part-time residents. All of southern Arizona – from Tucson to Yuma — is energized by the arrival of friends waiting to hit the links and gather together for several months of outdoor fun.

Although you call other states or even other countries HOME, we hope you feel that Arizona is HOME as well. If you’re reading this magazine, the expectation of playing golf during the winter months is a main reason for spending time in southern Arizona. With that in mind, we’d like to remind you of all the ways to participate in the women’s golf community in the coming months.

It’s a win-win for everyone. Golf courses are gearing up for league play, tournaments, charity events, lessons and seminars. Players can use this time to sharpen skills and to play either recreationally or competitively. “Girl golf” has become a contagious way to stay fit and socialize while maneuvering around the fairways enjoying the beauty of the lush, green course. New residents are always welcome and are quickly assimilated into well established ladies groups. There’s no better way to make friends than to sign up for golf-related events at your local course. And if you’re not a golfer yet, this is the time to take some lessons and become part of this active group of women in southern Arizona.

As permanent residents we benefit greatly from your participation in our golf community. You bring diversity that helps us to appreciate players of all skill levels and backgrounds. You bring friendship and on-course competition. You bring optimism and passion for golf. You bring a spirit of volunteerism and cooperation. You enrich our entire golf experience!

Thank you for supporting our women’s golf community and our state’s golf industry. You are part of the extended golf family in southern Arizona and we’re glad you’re back. For more information about the courses in your area or upcoming women’s events, check out the Arizona Women’s Golf Association at or call 1-800-442-2942. See you on the course!

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