Improve Your Golf With Fitness

I want to introduce you to the “A-Frame” Stretch.  The “A-Frame” Stretch is an excellent movement preparation exercise before a workout, practice, or competitive round. This is a great stretch for the thoracic spine, chest and shoulder. This stretch is considered extremely practical  golfers, as we are moving and stretching in a plane very similar to the plane of your golf swing.

Start in a modified athletic posture, keep your eyes down and bend from your hips. Place the left elbow on the inside of the left knee and your left hand on the inside of the right knee.


Take the right hand and reach upward and behind your body, extending the right arm towards the sky.  Then turn your eyes upward looking at the sky as well, increasing the rotation of your body and the tension of the stretch.


Depending on your ability you may feel the stretch in your shoulder, back and torso.  Repeat on the opposing side.  Hope this stretch is a welcome addition to your golf fitness routine.

Have a Great Workout!


Andrew FodgeAndrew Fodge is a personal trainer, certified golf fitness professional and the owner of Fitness by Andrew LLC Personal Trainer Group, in Scottsdale, AZ. Andrew specializes in golf fitness, sports performance training, and motivational techniques. Andrew and his team of personal trainers are here to provide you with a comprehensive one-of-a-kind program to help you achieve real results. Call Andrew at (602) 638-3000 or email for a complimentary consultation.

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