4 Keys To A Better Address Position With Your Irons

Copy Ronnie Black’s address position with the short iron to improve your iron play:


1. Head behind ball.
The blue box in the picture shows the proper position of your head at address. Your head begins behind the ball and remains behind the ball until after impact. Your head will only move ahead of the ball after impact when your right shoulder will push your head up into the finish position.

2. Ball positioned slightly ahead of center.
The red line shows the proper position for the ball with short irons, slightly ahead of center. Longer irons and fairway metals will be positioned further up your stance, closer to the right heel. The Driver will be positioned off the heel.

3. Left hand ahead of ball at address.
The yellow line shows your left hand ahead of the ball. This line also shows the proper connection between the left shoulder, left arm and hand position. Notice they are all connected in a straight line pointing to the ball position.

4. Right shoulder lower than left shoulder.
With the proper tilt in your body and your head positioned behind the ball, the right shoulder will naturally align lower than the left shoulder.

Consistency in your address will improve your consistency at impact, improve solidness of contact and lower your score. Practice these address positions until they become natural to your set up.

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