One of the greats of the game has left us. The Arnold Palmer of Europe, Seve played the game with passion, flair and grace. Having had the privilege of watching Seve at The Masters many times over the last 24 years, I would like to share the greatest shot I have ever seen hit at Augusta. I cannot remember the exact year but must have been in the early 90’s. A cold front had passed, and the wind was blowing well over 25 miles per hour.

Seve was playing with former US Open Champion Scott Simpson and they were playing the fourth hole, a long par three — with the howling wind blowing directly in thier face.

Teeing off first, Simpson had to hit a fairway wood due to the length and wind factor, and hit a slight draw that soon became a hook. His ball ended up well left of the green in the thick brush, which is well out of play on that hole. Seve then proceeded to hit a one iron that never left the flag and ended up about a foot from the hole.

I will never forget the beauty of that swing.

One year at The Masters Seve four putted the 16th hole and when asked at the press conference how he had done that he replied … “I missed, I missed, I missed, I make.” Oh how I love to tell that story!

His competitive spirit and passion for the Ryder Cup made this event exciting to watch. Before Seve came along this event was almost always a rout for the Americans. His many victories in this event with partner José Maria Olazabal made many American teams facing this dynamic duo, shake in there spikes. His genius was his ability to find a way to get the ball in the hole as he was not always the most accurate off the tee.

I’m sure many of us who were fans of Seve have visions of him slashing his ball out of some spot that not many could ever find. In 2008 Seve was found to have a brain tumor and fought a battle that he was not going to win. The golf world will miss a great champion and may his great spirit inspire generations to come.

So long Seve, may you rest in peace.

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