100 Holes 113K For Special Olympics And One Unexpected Ace

By Jack Talmage

Go Golf ArizonaDon Rea, owner and general manager at Augusta Ranch Golf Club in Mesa had a very memorable day this summer while raising funds for Special Olympics and the SWSPGA Foundation. In the course of playing 100 holes in just over nine hours he not only shot one under par for the day, but recorded his first hole in one ever! Following a somewhat rough start on the round he enlisted the aid of Jeff Reich, President for the Jr. Golf Association of AZ Volunteer Board as a caddy. After playing the same ball for 94 holes, he lost the original ball on the next hole, making double bogey. On the following hole, #5 at 178 yards, he hit it a little chunky, went to look for the ball and couldn’t find it anywhere near the green until finally Jeff looked in the hole to discover the Ace.

In the process of his fund raising efforts Don played a total of 21,032 yards, consumed 256 ounces of Powerade and one Subway sandwich, had 16 birdies, played with only two balls, had one Hole in One, and delivered on his promise to the 67 people who sponsored him. So far this year the Southwest Section’s PGA Golf Day and Don have raised over $113,000! Thank you Don and congratulations on your first Ace.

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